About Us

The San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association (SLOFMA) is a mutual benefit, not-for-profit corporation. As a mutual benefit organization, we serve two groups. We provide several market places for family owned and operated farms, and we provide fresh quality products directly to consumers like you.

General Manager: Esther Rigoni 

805 503-9105 


Currently, SLOFMA operates four weekly markets throughout the county.

To become a member and vendor, you must be a farmer who participates in one or more of our markets. One of the responsibilities of the members is to elect the seven-member board of directors. Each director is also a farmer who serves a three-year term of office. The board of directors holds quarterly meetings, and special meetings as needed. The board establishes policies, and gives direction to the SLOFMA staff on how the market should run, evolve and grow. The SLOFMA Rule Book can be found here.

Peter Jankay, SLOFMA market administrator since 1985, retired January 2021 after providing 34 years of dedicated service to the farmers’ markets. Esther Rigoni, appointed Executive Director for SLOMA shortly after, is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations and business activities, and implements the board of directors’ policies. This includes hiring market managers, and overseeing each market’s operations.

All markets have an on-site manager who enforces all California state regulations (including product quality), Health Department requirements, Weights and Measures standards, and all SLOFMA rules and policies. Managers can answer customer questions and resolve any market situations as they arise.

Market Match on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We offer Market Match for Cal Fresh/EBT participants at our Wednesday Arroyo Grande,  Thursday Morro Bay and Saturday San Luis Obispo farmers' markets.. Stretch your dollars further with up to $15 in matching Market Match funds. To learn more about the Market Match program, speak to one of our market managers on site at the markets or click here.

10 Reasons Shopping at Farmers’ Market is Better

A Healthy Lifestyle

Farmers present large colorful displays of just-picked, vine-ripened, and best-tasting produce for thousands of health-minded shoppers every week.

Friendly Community

At farmers’ markets, you always see people talking to one another. They enjoy visiting with others–farmers, friends, and new acquaintances–and having a good time.


With few exceptions, produce is brought to market the same day or within a day of picking. That’s fresh! Fresh products are crisp, have good texture, and taste better.


Fruits like peaches, and produce like strawberries and tomatoes are picked when ripe, not before. Ripened on the tree or vine adds significantly to flavor.


Farmers bring many different varieties of just about every product. Variety provides a great healthy way to enrich ones life.


You can’t compare the variety, quality and freshness of flowers at the farmers’ markets with what grocery stores offer. With the exception of greenhouse roses, the types of flowers at the market vary with the season.

Meet the Farmers

Since the person you buy the product from is the farmer, or his/her employee, you can ask anything about the product, for example, where it was grown, what variety it is, if the product was sprayed, and cooking suggestions.

Shop Local

Each stall space is used by a different farm. By shopping at farmers’ markets, you are supporting these family-operated small farms.


Distance produce travels from farm to you via a grocery store is often greater than 1,000 miles. Transport to and storage at the store often requires refrigeration, resulting in carbon dioxide emissions. Our produce travels, on average, less than 50 miles, resulting in fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

California Grown

At the farmers’ market you can be confident that all produce sold at our farmers’ markets is grown in California, not Mexico, not China, nor anywhere else in the world.